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Linde-Fenwick Rental Solutions at SICSOE - Wine Logistics Solution

Wine Time is Rental Time
E-Truck in the SICSOE warehouse

Days are getting shorter and leaves change their colors. In this time of the year, it is always nice to end an evening with a fine glass of wine. To make sure that we as consumers can enjoy wines from all regions all over the world, wine logistics companies like "SICSOE" take care of a smooth and fast logistics process.

With a fleet of in total 30 Fenwick-Linde trucks, lorries are loaded and high-quality wine bottles are stored. "Our customers are more and more demanding and the wine quality is permanently increasing”, explains David Vidal. Especially in time-critical situations, when expensive wines are stored, it is important to have good equipment and a reliable partner on hand. The trusting cooperation with Fenwick-Linde began as early as 2016 when Fenwick-Linde supported the company in a major growth phase.

David Vidal, Deputy Managing Director

David Vidal, Deputy Managing Director

We grew very quickly. This strong growth led us to use the Fenwick-Linde Short Term Rental service, because we needed trucks immediately. Rental Solutions meets this type of requirement. We don't have to wait, which is a huge strength of Fenwick-Linde.

Help anytime, fast and reliable

The employees of Fenwick-Linde Short Term Rental service was able to help SICSOE quickly and reliably. They provided the required vehicles promptly. Even today, the wine logistics company benefits from this service. Particularly with the increasing number of orders in the harvest high season, additional equipment is needed at short notice to cover any type of application in the warehouse.

SICSOE was so enthusiastic about Linde-Fenwick-equipment that many E-Trucks were later purchased directly from Fenwick-Linde. That is another advantage of the rental service. Now the company uses only Fenwick-Linde equipment. Companies can thoroughly test the vehicles in use beforehand and assess whether they are useful for their work.

E-Truck picking up goods