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Lindes inspiring journey of creating a masterpiece

YOUR WAY IS OUR WAY. AND YOUR CHALLENGES ARE OUR INSPIRATION. Join us on the inspiring journey of creating a masterpiece!

Immerse yourself in the amazing world of Linde Material Handling!

Tune into our streamcast for an unconventional look at our latest innovations such as our new generation of counterbalance forklifts, cutting-edge semi-automated order pickers and state-of-the-art automated solutions and meet the people behind these ideas. And join us and our reporter Anni Dunkelmann on the surprising journey of creating a masterpiece of Linde Material Handling!

Are you inspired? Then why not discover all of Linde's innovative solutions right here on our MASTERPIECES site!

See everything in action: MASTERPIECES TO GO.

Time for a coffee break and some great insights!

Join our reporter Anni Dunkelmann as she goes on a journey of discovery to see how customers from all kinds of industries experience the new Linde products and innovations. And don’t forget to stay tuned as the MASTERPIECES TO GO series will be updated in regular intervals.

Video on the cooperation between Linde and Porsche Engineering


Experience what makes a brand unique. Learn more about our collaboration with Porsche Engineering. And discover how our new X20 – X35 E-trucks can effortlessly keep up with our H20 – H35 combustion engines.

In our new MASTERPIECE TO GO special, we focus on our passion for design as well as the unique level of performance our new electric counterbalance trucks are capable of.

Tune in to see for yourself: When innovative technology meets a passion for design, function and form come together like never before.

Video about the use of the Linde E25 at BrewDog


Join in as our reporter Anni Dunkelmann trades in the traditional MASTERPIECES TO GO coffee break for a brewery tour. With the help of master brewer Sebastian Feind and test driver Mike Möbus, Anni learns first-hand how the E25 comes in handy in this high-demanding environment.

Whether it’s around the warehouse, outside on the premises or in the tight aisles: the new electric counterbalance forklift truck that BrewDog is testing offers maximum agility, efficiency, visibility, and comfort – in short, a driving experience second to none.

Watch as Anni, Sebastian and Mike explore what the E25’s “riding on clouds” is all about!

Video about automation solutions from Linde


Discover the future of warehouse automation with our reporter Anni Dunkelmann, Philipp Stephan and Mal Rexhepi. Join them as they test out Linde’s automated Logistic Train in combination with the C-MATIC deckload vehicle in the Linde FutureLab.

Tune in to find out how cleverly integrating automated and semi-automated solutions can significantly boost throughput and therefore warehouse performance overall.

Oh – and don’t miss your chance to see these innovations in action, too!

Video about the X35 from Linde Material Handling

Linde X35 @ HASIT

Our reporter Anni Dunkelmann pays a surprise visit to building material expert HASIT’s Michael Rosenthal for a TO GO coffee break and a conversation about one of our most exciting masterpieces: the Linde X35.

Follow the pair around the premises to find out how the new counterbalance forklift truck that HASIT is testing can maximize performance and efficiency without forgoing increased comfort and safety for the drivers and workers.

Watch as Anni and Michael discover the best of both worlds!

Explore our new generation of counterbalanced forklift trucks!

Volcanic eruption

Discover our new generation of counterbalance forklifts – comprising both diesel and electric trucks built on the same innovative platform! Whatever your needs around an energy system may be, Linde Material Handling has taken your challenges as an inspiration and guarantees the highest standards in terms of efficiency, ergonomics, safety and connectivity.

Best of both worlds: the Linde X20 – X35

Do you want all the extreme power, performance and availability of a combustion engine but none of the dirt and noise? With the groundbreaking Linde X20 – X35 counterbalance forklifts, we've managed to develop trucks that truly offer the best of both worlds. From rough surfaces to extreme temperatures, the new X20 – X35 can overcome the challenges of a tough job whilst still offering safety and silent, emission-free comfort in any environment. Discover the latest in Linde electric drive technology paired with our proven Li-ION batteries.

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Ride on clouds with the Linde E20 – E35.

With the cutting-edge Linde E20 – E35 counterbalance forklifts, you'll discover maximum versatility as well as a new level of comfort and safety. Get ready to ride on clouds! Discover how the E20 – E35 counterbalance forklift trucks were designed to offer a more generous driver cabin combined with better agility, ergonomics and perfect visibility. See how the e-drive operates silently and emission-free, creating an optimized atmosphere in the warehouse. And learn how the extensive decoupling of the cabin from the drive unit and mast will give you such maneuverability and flexibility, it feels like you're riding on clouds.

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Get precision and performance with the Linde H20 – H35.

Do your operating conditions allow for nothing but a diesel forklift truck that combines precision and performance like no other? Then explore the Linde H20 – H35 diesel and gas forklift trucks with us and discover the best combustion engines on the market coupled with the least maintenance. Perfect for any job that calls for what you've come to love about the Linde diesel truck, the H20 – H35 trucks also offer optimized safety and maximized visibility as well as the highest level of flexibility and robustness. Efficient, sturdy and user-friendly, they´re made for high-demand environments.

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Explore our order picker options and range add-ons!


Picking is the most labor-intensive and, for the operator, the most tiring process in intralogistics. That's reason enough for Linde Material Handling to continually develop and refine products in a way that make this process as efficient and easy as possible. Linde currently boasts the broadest portfolio of order pickers and continues to expand it with innovations that maximize the handling capacity while taking the physical strain off the operator in the process.

Aim high with the Linde MV01

Do you need to pick light or small goods up to 5 meters? Sometimes, finding an efficient solution for a particular part of the process is trickier than expected. But with the new Linde MV01 small parts order picker, you can manage your more minor picking processes up to the third picking level and operate the order picker as a task support vehicle for maintenance work when it's not needed elsewhere.

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Down-to-earth experts: the Linde N20 SA and N20 C SA.

Are you looking to noticeably improve your picking efficiency without having to change all your warehouse processes? Then the new semi-automated Linde N20 SA and N20C SA horizontal order pickers are just what you're looking for. Discover how semi-automation relieves the driver of the need to move the order picker and thus offers a significantly higher pick performance as it independently drives down the aisles.

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Clever at every level with the Linde V modular B.

Looking for a dependable solution that can pick up to 7.8 meters? With the entry-level V modular B vertical order picker, you can opt for an excellent basic picker that does not waste your time and money with features you may not need. Discover how you can form an efficient and financially attractive basis for your order picker selection while still improving your warehouse performance.

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Take your processes to the next level with Linde's automated solutions!


Significantly increasing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of intralogistics processes is a constant challenge. Linde Material Handling approaches intralogistics optimization by focusing on the automation of individual process steps, process chains and even entire warehouses. Our portfolio is particularly suitable for optimizing existing plants. And it’s also continuously optimized to ensure the effective automation of as many process steps as possible – from incoming goods to production supply to outgoing goods.

Run like clockwork with our automated solutions.

Do you need to boost efficiency in your warehouse? With Linde's automated logistic train, you'll be able to improve the throughput as you supply your production processes by, first and foremost, saving space. As the train pulled by an automated tow truck only travels in one direction and the goods are removed from the sides of the trailers, transport routes can be set up more efficiently. Furthermore, Linde's new automated logistic train is more maneuverable because the trailer wheels can be steered.

Intralogistic process
The Linde C-MATIC 10

The perfect fit with the Linde C-MATIC 10

Warehouse space is precious. But with Linde's innovative C-MATIC 10 deckload vehicle, saving space, optimising processes and increasing safety has never been easier. The C-MATIC 10 can be integrated into your processes and used in a variety of ways with other warehouse workhorses such as an automated VNA truck or a logistic train.

Learn more about our automation solutions!