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  • 0 - 100 (kg)
  • 0 - 3620 (mm)
  • 0 - 4600 (mm)

Order Pickers MV01

Compact task support vehicle

With ease through narrow aisles

The MV01 task support vehicle is a compact vehicle whose maneuverability makes it suitable for a variety of applications in the warehouse. The wide range of additional equipment available allows the vehicle to be optimally adapted to any task, be it order picking up to the third rack level or warehouse maintenance. The platform can be raised to a height of up to three meters, allowing the operator to reach goods up to a picking height of 4.6 meters with ease. The stable mast secures picking on the second and third levels for a load capacity of up to 90 kilograms. Its overall length of just 1140 millimeters makes it highly maneuverable and facilitates steering maneuvers in narrow aisles. This maneuverability relieves employees and contributes to higher handling performance in the warehouse. Thanks to the lithium-ion battery, the vehicle can be recharged at any time so that it is available to warehouse personnel without longer interruptions.



The safety of warehouse employees is the top priority when picking at higher levels. For example, the vehicle automatically reduces speed when the cab is raised, thus preventing accidents. The doors are automatically locked so that they cannot be opened unintentionally. This guarantees that the operator remains protected inside the cab when the platform is raised and lowered. A sensor on the handle detects if the driver is gripping the control unit. The truck only moves if the driver also steps on the foot pedal. This reduces the risk of operating errors and injury. Warning lights and signal tones increase safety for employees around the vehicle during operation.

  • Reduced speed with raised cabin
  • Automatic door interlock
  • Sensor on the handle reduces the risk of injury
  • Foot pedal as dead man’s switch


The efficiency of order picking depends to a large extent on the driver's workload. That is why the working environment of the MV01 is particularly ergonomically designed and features, among other things, a spacious cab in which the operator can work comfortably. All control elements are arranged so that they can be reached effortlessly. The operator can adjust the height of the loading platform electrically so that they have an optimum view of it and can load the goods safely.

  • Spacious cabin
  • Easy access to all control elements
  • The height of the loading platform can be adjusted electrically for optimal visibility


Due to the stable design, the platform can be raised up to three meters. This means that a picking height of 4.6 meters can be reached effortlessly by the operator. The short overall length of just 1140 millimeters makes the task support vehicle easy to steer, even in narrow aisles and curves. The easy maneuverability reduces the physical strain on warehouse employees, thus increasing their productivity. The DC motor accelerates the vehicle up to 6.5 km/h. In addition, the vehicle can drive and lift at the same time. This allows the operator to reach the desired rack location in the fastest way possible. The integrated charger allows the lithium-ion battery to be recharged during short breaks, so that the vehicle is available for the entire shift.

  • Lifting platform height of up to three meters height, picking height of up to 4.6 meters
  • High maneuverability in narrow aisles and curves
  • Simultaneous driving and lifting
  • Interim charging of the lithium-ion battery


The lithium-ion batteries of the MV01 task support vehicle are maintenance-free and contribute to high energy efficiency and vehicle availability. The vehicle's battery management system ensures high performance and long battery life. The low-maintenance DC drive motor reduces service costs. All components are easily accessible to service technicians, which speeds up and simplifies repairs. Vehicle data can be transferred to and read out from a notebook via a CAN bus connection.

  • Maintenance-free lithium-ion batteries
  • Reduced service costs due to the DC drive motor
  • Easily accessible components
  • Battery management system increases battery life

Technical Data

Model Load capacity/Load Lift Travel speed, with/without load Turning radius Battery voltage/rated capacity (5h)
MV01 0.09/0.11/0.136 (t) 3620 (mm) 6 / 6.5 km/h 1260 (mm) 24 / 135 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh

Optional Equipment

Acoustic signals

Three different acoustic signals can be heard when the platform is lowered, the vehicle reverses or both actions happen at the same time.

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