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The innovative Linde Steer Control steering concept

A Better and Effortless Way to Work
The mini-wheel is one of the two options for Linde Steer Control

Driving a Forklift Has Never Been Easier

Welcome to the next level: An outstanding operating concept that further reduces physical strain, is even more enjoyable to drive, and maximizes productivity throughout each shift. This unique solution allows drivers to maneuver their counterbalanced forklift trucks with minimal movement and maximum precision, using either the mini-wheel or the joystick, with their steering arm resting comfortably on the armrest. And the conventional steering wheel? That’s become a thing of the past.

The innovative Linde Steer Control steering concept from Linde Material Handling

Linde Steer Control. The Easy Route to Happier Drivers.


Mini-Wheel: Get in and Get Going

The mini-wheel is the right choice for conventional forklift applications because the operating logic is similar to that of the conventional steering wheel. As this guarantees a steeper learning curve, the mini-wheel is ideal for all the usual everyday applications of a counterbalanced forklift truck.

Joystick: For (Even) More Precision

The joystick enables fast and sharp direction changes; perfect for tight spaces and negotiating curves. The automatic straight-ahead position of this steering option also offers advantages when entering long, narrow aisles or pushing loads in a straight line.

The Advantages Speak for Themselves

For Companies

  • Improved safety thanks to more precise steering maneuvers and better visibility
  • Less damage to equipment, goods, and infrastructure
  • Lower absenteeism rates caused by stress and strain
  • More efficient work processes and increased handling performance overall

For Drivers

  • Significant reduction in required movement
  • Prevention of unbalanced stress and strain
  • Less fatigue and greater ability to concentrate
  • Improved view of the forks as the steering column is no longer required

What Customers Say …

Get the Hang Quickly with the Mini-Wheel

“It’s a whole new driving experience. You’re much more focused because of how sensitive the steering is, and because you only have to move your fingers.”

Özkan Erdogan, Forklift Driver, WDI GmbH

To the case study
Operational report for Linde Steer Control test customer WDI in Hamm


Full Control during Rapid Maneuvers: with the Joystick

“The joystick makes life much easier for my people. They all swear by it; both those who drive forklifts every day and those who only use them now and again.”

Pascal Mattner, Foreman, Remondis GmbH & Co. KG

… and What the Research Shows

Linde Material Handling commissioned an independent scientific study to investigate how Linde Steer Control impacts everyday working life in logistics. As part of the study, RWTH Aachen University teamed up with fka (who specialize in innovative engineering for the mobility industry) to analyze typical movement profiles when operating forklifts using special cameras. This involved test subjects negotiating two identical driving courses using the conventional Linde steering wheel as well as the Linde Steer Control variants.

The results clearly showed that the Linde steering concept reduces shoulder movements by 25 percent and elbow movements by an amazing 45 percent. These values were determined objectively and also align with testers’ subjective impressions. To quote one of the study participants on the mini-wheel: “It doesn’t take long to get used to, and once you have, there’s no going back to the standard vehicle.”

Are you interested in testing a forklift with Linde Steer Control? Or do you want to find out more about our new steering concept?

Trucks with Linde Steer Control

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