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From the outside, it may seem like all order picking jobs are the same. At Linde Material Handling, we know that’s not true – and that’s why our range of order pickers sets the benchmark. We take expertise to the next level by bringing you an order picker range so wide, that when you discover the one you need, it’ll feel like it was made just for you.

All our order pickers are designed to maximise usability, ergonomics, efficiency and safety. But each truck is focused on a specific application – because depending on where the products are located in the warehouse, how easy they are to handle, the picking frequency expected and many other factors, it’s important that you have the right choice of tools to get the job done efficiently.

What’s more, when you have trucks suited exactly to the task at hand, you feel more comfortable and safe throughout the day – helping takes productivity to the next level.

Yes, our order pickers go way beyond a one-fits-all solution – because IT’S LINDE.

Order picker range from Linde Material Handling

Which order picker fits your requirements?

Each application is individual. Factors such as load carrier, weight of goods, shelf height etc. differ from application to application. Based on a few questions about your operating conditions, we can give you an indication of which order pickers from our portfolio could be a solution for you:

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In which industry do you operate with your company?

Logistics industry
Retail industry
Automotive industry
Any other industry

Which load carriers are used in your application?

Euro pallets are used as load carrier
Industrial pallets are used as load carrier
Gitterboxes are used as load carrier
Roll cages are used as load carrier

How are the pallets positioned on the forks during the picking process?

One pallet is positioned crosswise
Two pallets are positioned crosswise
One pallet is positioned lengthwise
Two pallets are positioned lengthwise

What is the maximum load weight the trucks have to handle?

Maximum load is up to 1.0 tons
Maximum load is 1.0 to 1.2 tons
Maximum load is 1.2 to 2.0 tons
Maximum load is 2.0 to 2.5 tons

In which sequence are the customer orders prepared?

Orders are processed one after another
Several orders are processed at the same time

Is ergonomics an important topic in the company?

Ergonomics is an important topic
Ergonomics is a less important topic

Where are the order picking trucks operating?

Trucks operate in wide aisles (un-guided)
Trucks operate in narrow aisles (guided)
Trucks operate in wide and narrow aisles

Up to which picking height are goods picked in your warehouse?

Picking up to 1.6 meters (ground level)
Picking up to 2.8 meters (first level)
Picking up to 6.3 meters (medium level)
Picking up to 12 meters (high level)

How often are goods picked at different levels?

Goods are exclusively picked at ground level
Goods are occasionally picked at first level or above
Goods are frequently picked at first level or above

What is the max. distance from the picking area to the distribution area?

Maximum transport distance is less than 50 meters
Maximum transport distance is more than 50 meters
Maximum transportation distance is unknown

In which shift model are you operating your trucks?


How many order pickers are operating in the warehouse?

1 to 5 order pickers are operating
6 to 20 order pickers are operating
21-50 order pickers are operating
More than 50 order pickers are operating

How many picks does an operator pick per hour?

100 picks per hour
100 to 500 picks per hour
More than 500 picks per hour
The number of picks is unknown

Which system is used to assign and process the picking orders?

Paper based picking
Pick by Voice
Pick by Light
Terminal based picking

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Make the picking process even more productive

Efficient like no other

Linde order pickers are designed to perfectly suit specific applications – and some of our trucks can be even further customised. The job is hard enough: our order pickers mean minimum effort for maximum output.

A positive impact on your health

Being on the go all day, means every unwanted movement puts a strain on the body. Our order pickers are designed so that vibrations from the undercarriage or stand chassis are minimally transferred to the driver.

Safety first

All our order pickers include visibility features that ensure every driver is in the best position to see and be seen. Additional elements like the Linde BlueSpot™, speed optimisation and curve control help operators stay safe and focused on the job.