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  • 0 - 1600 (kg)
  • 0 - 4144 (mm)

Automated Trucks L-MATIC AC

Efficient pallet stacker

Stacking and Transporting

The autonomous Linde L-MATIC AC pallet stacker with cantilevered forks facilitates transport of closed carriers and the receipt of goods at transfer stations that are not accessible with load wheel supports (e.g., on conveyor systems). The counterbalanced forklift truck absorbs loads of up to 1,600 kilograms and reaches a lifting height of up to 4.2 meters. The intelligent natural feature navigation system uses the existing environment as a localization reference and works without additional reflectors or tracks in the floor. The truck can therefore be used flexibly in different or changing environments. An extensive range of safety features reliably detects obstacles and people in the environment and stops the truck in time to avoid collisions.



The Linde L-MATIC AC monitors its working environment and independently reacts to obstacles and people. If an obstacle is detected, the truck first reduces its speed. If the obstacle remains in the danger zone, the truck stops immediately. This function guarantees high levels of both safety and productivity. In mixed work processes, the truck works alongside people and manual forklifts without safety restrictions. The L-MATIC AC can be stopped at any time using numerous emergency stop buttons. Warning sounds, flashing lights, and the Linde BlueSpot add the finishing touches to the safety concept of the automated truck.

  • Proactive safety system
  • Stops immediately when obstacles are detected
  • Acoustic and visual warning systems
  • Numerous emergency stop switches
  • Safe working in mixed processes


The automated pallet stacker interacts with other facilities, such as doors and roller conveyors. Route guidance and order assignment are carried out via the control system. Thanks to the interface, driving tasks can be sent directly from the warehouse or ERP system to the control system. The innovative natural feature navigation adapts to the environment, so that the truck can be used in a changing working environment. Thanks to sophisticated safety technology, the L-MATIC AC reacts proactively to obstacles and people. If required, it can also be operated manually.

  • Interaction with other facilities
  • Intelligent routing and task control
  • Interface to WMS and ERP systems
  • Flexibly adapts to changing working environment
  • Easy switching to manual mode


From a technical perspective, the L-MATIC AC is based on a Linde production truck, which guarantees high reliability. The truck offers high availability, as all the electronic and mechanical components are easily accessible. Due to the specially developed networking of the control systems, all of the L-MATIC AC’s data can be read on a service laptop. Service coverage is provided through the existing Linde service network, supplemented by a central hotline. The L-MATIC AC’s operational readiness is therefore guaranteed in the long term.

  • Robust pallet stacker
  • High truck availability
  • Easily accessible components
  • Digital diagnostics tool
  • Service via Linde network

Technical Data

Model Load capacity/Load Lift Battery voltage/rated capacity (5h) Turning radius Travel speed, with/without load
L-MATIC AC 1.2 1.2 (t) 1924 (mm) 24 / 375 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh 1668 (mm) 1.7 / 1.7 km/h
L-MATIC AC 1.6 1.6 (t) 1844 (mm) 24 / 500 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh 2033 (mm) 1.7 / 1.7 km/h

Optional Equipment

Barcode reader

The truck can be fitted with a barcode reader, allowing data from cargo to be scanned directly into a warehouse system.

Side safety scanners

The L-MATIC AC can also be equipped with two safety scanners on the sides that detect obstacles to the left and right of the truck.

Load positioning

The L-MATIC AC pallet stacker can be fitted with sensors for monitoring the pallet position.

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