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  • 0 - 1.200 (kg)
  • 0 - 700 (mm)
  • 0 - 2.800 (mm)

Order Pickers N20 C L

Comfortable Single Pallet Picking Aid

Convenient order picking with free lift

The picker N20 C L simplifies the picking process with a single pallet in multiple ways: Without load the vehicle accelerates up to 12 km/h. In curves, speed is automatically reduced to protect drivers, goods and pedestrians. Thanks to the 2.2 kW lift motor, the driver can bring the pallet to a height that is easy on the back and load it with up to 1.2 tons. Since the vehicle is easily accessible from both sides and has a pedestrian function on both sides, the operator saves unnecessary travel. Non-slip handles and easy-to-understand operation also ensure higher handling performance. For orders on the first and second shelf levels, the N20 C L can be optionally equipped with a lifting platform. A non-slip floor mat provides firm footing at any height.



Efficient order picking requires a perfected safety system. All outer edges of the robust steel chassis are rounded and lowered so that the drivers cannot pinch their feet. The construction of the mast and lifting cylinder is also designed to minimize the risk of injury. The N20 C L's generous all-round visibility means that the operator always has a good view of the forks and their surroundings. This is complemented by the optional panoramic mirror at the front of the vehicle. To prevent collisions, the order picker automatically slows its speed when cornering and increases its braking power in heavy loads. If the truck registers an unoccupied operator's platform or the emergency button is pressed, it stops immediately. For even more visibility in the aisles, front LEDs and Linde BlueSpot™ are available as options.

  • Rounded steel chassis
  • Unobstructed panoramic view
  • Speed reduction in curves
  • Stop when operator's platform is unoccupied
  • Emergency button


Thanks to the free lift, the N20 C L enables ergonomic order picking at operator height. Even heavy goods can be placed effortlessly on the pallet. Low access from both sides ensures a safe, dynamic order picking cycle. The operators can also comfortably control their vehicle from both sides using the optional pedestrian function. Both, the steering column and the backrest are individually adjustable and can be adapted to the respective driver. The ergonomic steering column, automatic drive centering, and a cushioned platform that compensates for uneven ground ensure a pleasant driving experience.

  • Back-friendly loading at operator height
  • Generous access with low entry height
  • Adjustable backrest and steering column
  • Damped platform with rubber padding


The N20 C L quickly reaches its top speed of 12 km/h thanks to the 3 kW three-phase AC motor. Even under load, it accelerates to 9 km/h and brakes automatically when cornering. The Linde On-Board Charger reduces the effort required to charge the battery. With the optional lithium-ion battery, the driver can conveniently use the breaks to charge the order picker in between. The adjustable Linde Steering Wheel offers intuitive operation. Thanks to the clearly arranged controls, all mast and driving functions can also be safely controlled with one hand. The operator's platform is also equipped with a storage surface, a bottle holder, and a paper compartment.

  • Powerful 3 kW three-phase motor
  • Linde On-Board Charger
  • Intuitive and ergonomically operable Linde Steering Wheel
  • Many storage options


The maintenance effort for the N20 C L is low with a running time of about 1,000 operating hours without a service check. The three-phase AC technology is even completely maintenance-free. Thanks to the CAN bus connection, the technician can quickly and easily read out all relevant service information. Access to all maintenance components is effortless. The battery cover can also be opened easily to access the diagnosis plug.

  • 1,000 operating hours without service check
  • Maintenance-free three-phase electric motor
  • CAN bus connection
  • Easily accessible service components

Videos & Images

A thumbnail from the video about the N20 C Series from Linde Material Handling

Technical Data

Model Load capacity/Load Lift Travel speed, with/without load Turning radius Battery voltage/rated capacity (5h)
N20 C L 1.2 (t) 700 (mm) 9 / 12 km/h 2007 (mm) 24 / 420/465 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh

Optional Equipment

The semi-automated option (SA) for order pickers from Linde Material Handling

Semi-automated option

The two semi-automated (SA) driving modes shorten walking distances and reduce the need for constant stepping on and off the truck since the order picker automatically follows the driver or drives ahead. This significantly increases the efficiency of horizontal order picking.

Liftable operator's platform

The operator platform can be lifted to allow occasional order picking at the first and second rack levels up to 2.8 meters picking height.

Fleet manager sitting in front of a desktop with Linde connect, the fleet management system from Linde Material Handling

Fleet management

With the fleet management solution connect from Linde, it is possible, among other things, to analyze the use of the entire fleet of vehicles in order to subsequently optimize the service or capacity utilization of the truck fleet.

Two LED headlights of the order picker N20 C L from Linde Material Handling

Front LEDs

The two LED headlights are located at the front and have a high brightness. They are waterproof and dustproof.

Cushioned platform

The pneumatically cushioned construction reduces vibrations caused by uneven road surfaces.

Load backrest

An additional protection for driver and load is the load backrest, which can be adapted to the height of the load.

The BlueSpot in front of the N20 C Order Picker

Linde BlueSpot™

The Linde BlueSpot™ route warning system increases safety in operation, as the LED spot makes trucks silently visible.

Lithium-ion technology

With Linde's innovative lithium ion batteries, trucks can be recharged in a much shorter time and intermediately charged during operation.

Buttons on the side of the order picker N 20 C to operate the vehicle from outside

Inching controls

On both sides of the vehicle there are pushbuttons. The driver uses them to operate the order picker from the outside and walks alongside at the same time.

Panoramic front mirror

A large mirror at the front of the vehicle provides a good all-round view and thus increases safety for the driver, load and pedestrians.

Lateral battery change

The lateral battery removal, by means of roller bearings, enables a quick change, especially for use in multi-shift applications.

Screen showing the shock values within the fleet management software from Linde Material Handling

Accident monitoring

Whether driving errors, uneven surfaces or improper vehicle use, a shock sensor registers shocks. The evaluation of the data via the fleet management software provides information on the cause of damage and accidents.

Slowed lowering

When the fork is fully loaded, the lowering speed is reduced. This provides additional protection against damage to the goods.

The access control units from Linde Material Handling

Access control

Access control via the connect fleet management system ensures that vehicles are only used by authorized persons. The driver must identify him or herself with a PIN or RFID card before starting.

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