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Safety when reversing: Linde Reverse Assist Radar

Covering your Back
The Linde X30 electric forklift truck is reversing out of an aisle, with a pedestrian in the way.

Intralogistics require the highest precision at maximum speed. However, the risk of accidents is particularly high when driving backwards with counterbalanced forklifts. Distracted drivers, blind spots when moving and behind the truck pose a constant risk of collision with people, shelves, and other trucks. That is why about two-thirds of all personal accidents with industrial trucks* occur when the forklift is reversing.

The solution: the Linde Reverse Assist Radar assistance system. It recognizes moving and static objects when reversing and warns the driver of potential collisions. In an emergency, it actively intervenes in the situation and brakes, bringing the truck to a standstill. This effectively prevents collisions with pedestrians and obstacles.

*Source: BGHW Germany, 2023

A pedestrian is walking behind a Linde X30.

High-performance sensors for maximum safety

At the heart of the Linde Reverse Assist Radar are powerful sensors that reliably detect both stationary and moving objects in the rear driving path. The detection range is set as standard to the rear width of the truck, but can be individually customized if required. Goods and objects next to driving routes, such as in block warehouses, are ignored, meaning that the system only reacts to real dangers, avoiding false alarms and unnecessary stops.

The X30 electric forklift truck is traveling quickly across an outdoor area.

Intelligent and Dynamic to Fully Stopped in a Flash

If the Linde Reverse Assist Radar detects an obstacle, it calculates the dangerous situation in a flash. In doing so, it takes into account factors such as speed, steering angle, lifting height, and distance to the object. If the risk of collision is imminent, the system intervenes in the driving command and automatically brakes with a force of up to 3 m/s². This means that the Linde Reverse Assist Radar brakes significantly stronger than comparable solutions. The braking behavior is always optimally adapted to the individual situation.

Alarm via Sound and Display

In parallel with the speed reduction, the driver is alerted by a multi-stage warning system. A penetrating warning tone signals the impending collision. If the forklift has the optional 7” display, the driver also receives visual warning signals and a message to check the area behind the truck. The driver can override the system by pressing a release button to be able to reverse from stationary in tight spaces unimpeded.

Protection when Reversing

  • Continuous monitoring of the area behind the forklift truck
  • Detection of moving people and objects when the truck is at walking speed
  • Detection of static objects at truck speeds of up to 15 km/h
  • Automatic braking to a standstill in the event of obstacles
  • Acoustic driver warning in the event of imminent collisions

Protection when Starting from a Standstill

  • Person detection at the rear of the forklift truck
  • Prevention of collisions with objects in the danger zone
  • Acoustic warning for driver and pedestrians
  • The truck can be driven again with confirmation via release button

Close-up of the Reverse Assist Radar on the Linde X30 electric forklift truck.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Avoiding collisions through automatic braking
  • Reliable detection of people and objects
  • Warning the driver when approaching obstacles
  • Intelligent adaptation of braking behavior based on the hazardous situation
  • High reliability regardless of lighting conditions
  • Adjustable safety detection range and ignores “standard” fixture meaning no unnecessary stops
  • Can be combined with other assistance systems for all-round protection

Safe in all Visibility Conditions

A major advantage of the Linde Reverse Assist Radar is that it works reliably under all conditions. Whether it is dark, bright sunshine, or fog – the sensor technology recognizes every obstacle, regardless of the lighting conditions. Detection at knee height ensures reliable detection of people. The system even registers people when they are working in a crouched position or partially obscured.

Always the Safest Combination

The Linde Reverse Assist Radar can be seamlessly combined with other Linde assistance systems. A perfect partner is, for example, the Linde Front and Reverse Assist Camera. The AI-based cameras detect the risk of collisions with people when driving forward as well as backward and reduces the speed of the forklift if there is a risk. Reverse Assist Radar combined with Front and Reverse Assist Camera thus provides comprehensive all-round protection for man and machine.

The Linde X30 electric forklift truck transports beverage crates through a narrow aisle in the outdoor storage area.

Safety Made to Measure

Linde offers the right solution for every safety problem, from personal protection systems, optical warning systems and intelligent driving assistants to holistic safety concepts. Our experts determine which solution is right for each individual case in a personal consultation. Feel free to contact us.