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No Compromise on Performance and Sustainability

Green Performance
Reduce energy costs and protect the climate without sacrificing performance with Green Performance Technology from Linde Material Handling

In view of climate change, almost all companies are facing the same challenge: how to reduce carbon emissions without sacrificing profitability and competitiveness.

We at Linde Material Handling are already offering intralogistics solutions for a better tomorrow today. We promise to help you reduce energy consumption, cut emissions, and minimize costs—all while maximizing the productivity of your fleet!

That is “Green Performance” for you.

Linde Material Handling offers you solutions to reduce carbon emissions without losing profitability or competitiveness

Red Is the New Green: Technologies from Linde

From countless customer projects in almost all industries, we know that there are no off-the-shelf solutions. Our experts will work with you to find the right approach for your individual requirements —whether it's optimizing existing energy systems or switching to other forms of energy.

At Linde, you will also find a broad portfolio of future-proof technologies that enable you to operate economically and productively, while at the same time meeting the pressing demands of sustainability:

  • Always the right choice
    Fuel cell, lithium-ion technology or modern lead-acid batteries as an option for almost all warehouse trucks and electric forklift trucks
  • Everything from a single source
    Battery systems and chargers are optimally matched to the trucks, ensuring energy efficiency and high availability
  • Minimize emissions
    The latest generation of IC trucks surpass emissions regulations and are approved for use with hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) fuels in addition to diesel, LPG, and CNG.
  • Electric in every application
    Power and robustness without exhaust fumes and engine noise—the electric X-models from Linde easily cope with the toughest operating conditions.
  • E-power without end
    Electric alternative even in heavy-duty applications—heavy-duty electric forklift trucks up to 18 tonnes, with lead-acid or lithium-ion battery options available

The best of both worlds: X-treme Power, X-tra sustainable

Many companies rely on the classic combustion engine truck thanks to its power and robustness. But times are changing: In the X models, we have developed electric forklift trucks that combine the load capacity and performance of our IC trucks with the flexibility and zero-emission operation of our electric trucks. Thanks to X, sustainability and performance are no longer contradictory—now also available for the load range from 3.5 to 5 tonnes!

Learn more about the X models
The new X series from Linde combines the performance of an IC truck with the flexibility, maneuverability, and zero-emission operation of an electric forklift truck.

Li-ION Power: More Energy, More Flexibility

We have been developing innovative lithium-ion power units for industrial trucks for many years. Compared to the lead-acid variant, Li-ION batteries offer many advantages, from higher energy density to spontaneous intermediate charging.


Fuel Cells: Simply Carbon-Neutral

Fuel cells convert hydrogen into electricity and supply emission-free energy for maximum performance. Since they can be refueled like ordinary combustion engine trucks, fuel cell powered trucks guarantee high flexibility and maximum availability.


Counterbalanced Truck: Complete Freedom of Choice

Our new counterbalanced trucks offer a free choice of energy. Thanks to an innovative series platform, they can be equipped with any energy system: whether diesel/HVO, natural gas, lead-acid, lithium-ion or hydrogen.


Electric Heavy-Duty Forklift: Sustainable Lifting Power

Until now, combustion trucks have been the only option when the going gets really tough. Our E100 - E180 electric heavy-duty forklifts have changed that. They lift up to 18 tonnes and combine the power of a diesel truck with the zero-emission operation of an electric forklift truck.



As a one-stop partner for energy matters, Linde offers various levels of consulting.

But having a range of solutions available also raises many questions: Which energy system fits my requirements? What does switching to another energy source or technology mean for my company? And how do I manage my energy consumption as efficiently as possible?

That is why the Green Performance approach goes far beyond trucks, batteries and chargers. Linde experts will help you to choose the right energy system for your fleet and to optimally align operational requirements, charging times and energy consumption as well as infrastructure when implementing the new solution.

Holistic Approach

Reduce energy costs and protect the environment without sacrificing performance.

Right Energy

From diesel/HVO to hydrogen: The right energy system for every need.

In-Depth Consulting

Structured consulting for an individually tailored energy system.

Digital Tools

Software tools for charge management and energy budget control.

Electricity Under Control: Effective Energy Management

For the sustainable and economical use of electricity, charging management, infrastructure and truck deployment must be perfectly coordinated. We have the digital tools to make this happen.

connect:charger—an end to peak loads

The availability of electric industrial trucks is decided at the charging station. However, if too many trucks are charged at the same time, expensive load peaks can occur. With the intelligent connect:charger charging management system, we have the ideal solution.

More about Linde's connect:charger

connect:charger from Linde Material Handling

Green Performance in Action

Seamless shift changes for fresh goods

Many bakeries already offer freshly baked bread rolls at 6 o’clock in the morning. Frequently, ingredients have to be delivered during the night to achieve that. That’s the responsibility of wholesalers like Gusto AG in Hohenpolding near Munich. Recently, Linde order pickers with lithium-ion batteries were deployed at the firm to perform the logistics work involved.

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Quiet but Powerful

A heavy truck with an electric drive—will that work? This was the question asked by Asset VRS, a leading provider and manufacturer of vehicle restraint systems in the UK. But it didn’t take long for the Linde E160, with its Li-ION battery, to demonstrate its considerable advantages.

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Electric power packs help to quench thirst

Heavy loads, demanding shift work, extensive terrain – and that with electric forklifts? What may sound quite unusual for some logistics specialists at first glance is everyday life at Mineralquellen Wüllner in Bielefeld.

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Full of tricks

Cölner Hofbräu P. Josef Früh KG in Cologne-Feldkassel brews and loads thousands of litres of Kölsch every day. Real hard work for Linde's lithium-ion forklifts, which passed their trial run at the company with flying colors.

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Between Charges: Opportunity Charging

More flexible, cost-effective, and robust: In the highly frequented general cargo warehouse in Heilbronn, the Fritz Group has switched its industrial trucks from lead-acid battery operation to modern Linde lithium-ion technology.

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The X Factor

What are the three most important properties of a counterbalanced forklift truck? For the logistics experts at Eibach Oberflächentechnik GmbH (EOT) in Lüdenscheid, Germany, there is only one answer: performance, performance, performance. In a recent field test, the new Linde X35 gave a convincing demonstration of just how well an electric forklift can perform in the tough loading business.

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