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Ergonomics at Linde Material Handling

People and technology in harmony
The Linde E30 electric forklift truck in use.

Maximum productivity arises when humans and machines work together in perfect harmony. That’s why drivers are always at the heart of truck development at Linde. They are exposed to a variety of environmental and work-related stresses on a daily basis, including uneven floors and vibrations, unilateral movements, and poor posture when steering, transporting, order picking or loading and unloading.

Particularly in difficult-to-navigate or cramped driving situations, stress levels increase, and thus the risk of accidents and injuries. To reduce the physical and mental strain on drivers, Linde sets the highest ergonomic standards for counterbalanced forklift trucks and warehouse handling trucks. Optimization of the field of view, innovative operating concepts, and digital assistance systems all ensure more stress-free work and guarantee comfort and safety. In this way, Linde trucks maintain the health of their employees while raising handling capacity to a new level.

The advantages of ergonomic trucks

Greater productivity owing to low-fatigue work

Easy and intuitive operation for precise, fast load handling

More safety, fewer accidents and damage to trucks or goods in transit

Reduction of unbalanced physical stress

Protection of drivers against shocks and vibrations

More efficient load handling for higher handling performance

Workplace Comfort

When drivers feel uncomfortable or are exposed to excessive physical strain, their concentration decreases, which in turn reduces the quality of their work. The risk of injury or errors increases. To help the driver, Linde offers an all-round ergonomic workstation in every truck. This keeps the driver free of pain, focused and safe throughout the entire shift.

An ergonomic work station relieves the driver in their day-to-day work.

Operating comfort with the counterbalanced forklift truck

Ergonomic layout of all control elements

All control elements are ergonomically arranged so that all relevant functions can be operated easily and effortlessly. This helps to ensure productive working throughout the whole shift.

Spacious driver’s cab

The spacious driver’s cab provides a lot of headroom and legroom. It allows unrestricted movements in all directions.

Seat Variants

Various suspended seat variants with and without heating offer just the right level of comfort.

Heavy trucks rotating cab

All heavy-duty trucks can be equipped with a rotating cab. This allows the driver to rotate the entire cab continuously 90° to the left and 65° to the right. In addition, a complete 180° rotation to the left is possible. That way, the driver always has an optimal all-round view, while protecting their back.

Rotating Driver’s Workstation

A special feature of the Linde counterbalanced forklift is the rotating driver’s work station. When reversing frequently, drivers must continually look over their shoulders to the rear. This can put a lot of strain on the neck and back and lead to long-term damage. The rotating driver’s seat reduces the physical strain on the driver by up to 60 percent. The driver can rotate 90 degrees and have everything in view when reversing, without overstretching their spine.

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Video: The rotatable driver’s work seat from Linde

Operating comfort with warehouse trucks

45-degree driver position

In Linde’s driver platforms, the driver stands slightly rotated at a 45-degree angle to the fork. This unique driving position provides an optimal view of the fork and the load, without the driver having to change their position or turn their head.

Steel apron as back protection

The stand platform of the SP Models: of the new platform trucks, such as the T20–T25 SP, L14–L16 SP or D12–D14 SP is equipped with a solid steel apron that extends almost to the center of the truck at the driver’s back. This version, which is unique in the market, protects the driver from collisions like a protective shield. In addition, the steel apron prevents the driver from falling out of the truck when starting up quickly.

Seat support for longer rides

A stable, padded backrest supports the driver during long journeys in the driver’s cab.

Visibility from Every Perspective

To keep an eye on everything, the driver often has to turn in all directions. Particularly in narrow aisles, when working at height, and when reversing, drivers must perform unnatural movements, and often on only one side. In the worst case, this can lead to permanent damage and long-term absences. That is why Linde continually optimizes and expands the field of view to minimize the radius of movement required. The improved visibility also increases occupational safety and reduces the risk of accident involving the truck and pedestrians.

A driver looking ahead, with everything in view.

Excellent visibility in the counterbalanced forklift truck

Spacious cab with large glass surfaces

The cabin of a Linde forklift truck is fully equipped with generously sized glass panes. This optimizes the visibility of the truck, the load and the surrounding area.

Slim mast profile

The truck’s slim mast profiles and overhead tilt cylinders ensure optimum visibility of the load and the working area in front of it.

Lift cab

For heavy-duty trucks, the driver’s cab can be raised to any height up to 2.5 meters. This enables the driver to have a better overview of the load and the working environment and to move the goods more safely.

Armored glass panoramic roof

Even when working at greater heights, the panoramic glass roof provides a clear view of the goods to be transported and the surroundings. The bulletproof glass also reliably protects against falling objects.

Excellent visibility with the warehouse truck

Mast profiles

In the Linde pallet stackers the mast profiles are particularly narrow to give the driver excellent visibility, especially when lifting.


The monomast provides a clear view of the load carrier and the load, particularly for lightweight applications and lifting heights of up to two meters. This mast version is mainly used for pallet stackers.

Driver’s platform in front of the battery

With the low-lift order pickers N20 B, N20 – 25, N20 – 25 HP, the driver’s platform is positioned in front of the battery. This gives the driver a better view of their surroundings when exiting shelf aisles and enables them to pick safely.

X reach truck mast

A particularly innovative mast concept can be found in the Reach truck series R14 – R17 X. Extra-wide lifting masts, narrow profiles and a seat close to the mast ensure optimum all-round visibility. In addition, a camera system on the mast enables permanent monitoring of the load.

Extended field of view

To expand the field of view and increase operational safety, Linde has developed various camera- and sensor-based assistance systems. This includes the AI-powered rear-view camera Reverse Assist Camera. It automatically detects pedestrians and warns the operator of an imminent collision with several levels of warnings.

Ergonomic driving for the future

For a smooth workflow, precise and simple control of the truck and load is essential. However, steering movements are often performed on only one side or with unfavorable postures. Linde’s innovative operating concepts are ergonomically optimized to reduce the physical strain on the driver. This increases employees’ well-being, while at the same time reducing long-term illness and staff absences.

Precise steering on the counterbalanced forklift truck

Linde Load Control with two control levers integrated into the right armrest

Linde Load Control

Linde Load Control makes for precise and ergonomic control of the mast functions. Using two joysticks integrated into the armrests, the driver can simply and precisely control the forklift’s working and auxiliary hydraulics.

Linde Hydrostatic Drive Graphic

Hydrostatic drive

The hydrostatic travel drive without clutch, shift, transmission and brakes. It allows particularly smooth acceleration and braking, thus supporting precise maneuvering in the tightest of spaces.

Three pedals: There is a backward arrow on the left pedal, a forward arrow on the right pedal, and the word “Stop” on the middle pedal

Dual-pedal control

Based on the hydrostatic direct drive, the dual pedal control ensures precise and sensitive control of the truck with minimal effort on the part of the driver. The right pedal moves the truck forward, the left pedal backward. The drive system operates continuously, which enables the driver to accelerate and decelerate gently and to change direction quickly.

Linde Steer Control

The Linde Steer Control operating system sets new ergonomic standards. Instead of a classic steering wheel, the driver controls the forklift with a mini-wheel or joystick integrated into an additional armrest on the left-hand side. This enables the truck to be operated easily, precisely, and intuitively. Compared to the conventional Linde steering wheel, the movements of the steering arm are reduced and the muscles significantly relieved. Linde Steer Control complements Linde’s proven operating concept comprising dual pedal control and Linde Load Control, and combines driver and truck into one efficient unit.

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Precise control of the warehouse truck

Hand of a forklift driver resting on the multifunction Lever from Linde Material Handling

Multifunction lever

For working with R10 – R25 reach trucks Linde has developed the multifunction lever . It can be used to operate several of the truck’s core functions. It is designed as an anatomical counterpart to the human hand, so the operator’s hand can rest in a natural, relaxed position at all times. The unique shape of the lever enables intuitive handling of the load, resulting in a safe, easy and efficient working process.

A Linde T20 pallet truck driving through a warehouse; the driver is in a 45-degree position

Linde e-driver

The unique Linde e-driver concept was developed specifically for the 45-degree position of the driver’s cabs. This enables the driver to control all the forklift’s functions with one hand without straining their spine.

Three pedals: There is a backward arrow on the left pedal, a forward arrow on the right pedal, and the word “Stop” on the middle pedal

Dual-pedal control

Just like the counterbalanced forklift trucks, the Reach trucks from Linde are equipped with the proven dual pedal control. This facilitates smooth start-up, swift changes of direction, and precise load handling.

Efficiency at Your Fingertips

Semi-automated order picking

The Order Pickers N20, N20 – N24 HP, N20 – N25 C and N20 C D can be used semi-automatically. The truck automatically drives in front of or behind the driver. This shortens the transport routes and reduces the need to climb in and out of the truck.

Automated functions for high shelving

The company Linde Warehouse Navigation supports drivers of very narrow aisle trucks when storing goods. The assistance system displays the storage position for the goods and automatically moves to that position at the push of a button. In addition, the system automatically stores and removes pallets at the push of a button, thus reducing the amount of movement required by the operator.

An all-round safe working environment

In addition to physical strain from driving and controlling the trucks, operators are also exposed to various environmental influences in their daily work. These include extreme temperatures, dust, shocks and vibrations, which cause additional stress on the driver. Linde driver’s cabs are optimally designed to protect the driver from these environmental influences and to ensure an all-round safe and pleasant working environment.

Reduction of impacts and vibrations

  • Air-sprung seats: The height-adjustable and air-sprung seats reduce shocks and vibrations and offer special comfort.
  • End position damping for duplex and triplex masts: When the mast reaches its maximum or minimum height, the end position damping ensures smoother lifting and lowering.
  • Active Stability Control: The Active Stability Control (ASC) assistance system from Linde helps very narrow aisle trucksto detect unevenness in the ground and to compensate for shocks or vibrations.

Decoupling of components

Vibrations, shocks, and impacts have severely affect drivers during their work shift. Even if the individual vibrations are barely perceptible, they all add up to a considerable strain on the employee. This is precisely what the systematic isolation of the individual components protects against. That is why the decoupled driver’s work station in our Counterbalanced forklift trucks has long been part of Linde’s basic ergonomic equipment. The mast, steering axle and drive axle are decoupled from the chassis, which means that vibrations and shocks cannot be transmitted to the driver. The stand platform and operating elements of the latest generation of Linde platform trucks also form a single unit, which is separated from the rest of the chassis by rubber bearings and provided with suspension as standard.

Elastomer bearings decouple essential components such as the mast, tilt cylinder, drive axle and steering axle from the chassis

Protection from dust, dirt and heat

  • Comfortable cab: The cab protects the operator from dust, dirt and noise, particularly when operating outdoors.
  • Air conditioning* and heating: In winter and summer, the air conditioning* and heating in Linde trucks ensure comfortable temperatures in the cabin.
  • Cold store variant: The cold store variant was developed for use of the trucks in temperatures as low as minus 35 degrees Celsius. It is particularly suitable for use in cold stores or other environments with low temperatures.

*contains fluorinated hydrocarbons

Safe and relaxed through the warehouse

Working with heavy loads and large trucks requires maximum concentration. Time pressure, difficult driving maneuvers or work in areas that are difficult to navigate can cause stress and lead to mental exhaustion in the long run. The risk of accidents increases. Linde offers a range of digital assistance systems to relieve drivers of mental stress and increase occupational safety for everyone.

Accidents often occur in narrow or confusing areas.
Display of the Linde Safety Pilot

Linde Safety Pilot

The Linde Safety Pilot works like an intelligent passenger, protecting the driver and load from tipping. With the small monitor, the driver always has an eye on important parameters and is warned visually and acoustically as soon as a critical driving condition is reached. The Active version of the Linde Safety Pilot automatically intervenes in the forklift truck’s driving and lifting functions.

The Linde Safety Guard increases safety for operators and pedestrians.

Linde Safety Guard

Owing to the active warning using sound, LED or vibration via the Linde Safety Guard all parties involved can react immediately before any personal injury or property damage occurs. This ensures safety for operators and pedestrians in the immediate vicinity of the truck.

An H25 from Linde driving around a corner

Linde Curve Assist

To protect the driver from risky driving maneuvers and thus avoid collisions or rear-end collisions, Linde Curve Assist automatically reduces the driving speed when traveling around corners.

Linde Load Management provides early warning of critical situations during load handling.

Linde Load Management

To reduce the risk of accidents during storage and retrieval with pallet stackers, Linde Load Management monitors the residual load capacity and warns the operator in good time of critical situations, thus increasing safety when handling loads at height.

A group of people analyzing the working environment in a logistics hall.

Continuous Development

The ergonomic design of trucks and driver workplaces as well as the user-oriented design of the entire working environment will continue to be a central part of Linde’s philosophy in the future. This also includes the further development of user interfaces for assistance systems, control concepts or Software solutions. This is how Linde ensures the best possible support for drivers and for Fleet management.