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IC-Trucks H14 – H20 EVO

Compact and Robust Endurance Runner

Maximum working capacity at low service costs

The Linde H14 – H20 EVO IC trucks can go the distance even in the toughest conditions. The combination of the hydrostatic direct drive, robust engines, and the Linde Load Control facilitates both rapid and precise operation and exceptional handling performance. At the same time, service costs remain low, as the hydrostatic drive operates without a transmission, clutch, or drum brakes, meaning it is maintenance-free. Choose from a range of cost-effective, low-emission diesel, propellant gas, and natural gas engines.



The Linde Protector Frame protects the driver: the cab roof and frame form a spacious, enclosed protection zone, while the driver retains perfect all-round vision of the load and their working environment thanks to the slim lifting mast profile. It is the Linde trucks' overhead tilt cylinders that make such a design possible. Further safety is ensured by the Linde Curve Assist: the system reduces speed on bends, thereby reducing the risk of the forklift tipping.

  • Curve Assist
  • Linde Engine Protection System (LEPS)
  • High mounted tilting cylinders
  • Steering angle indicator
  • Optimal vision thanks to slim mast profile


The driver benefits from a large cab with plenty of legroom. The most important factors for working with less fatigue are comfortable seats, the ergonomic operating concept with dual-pedal control and Linde Load Control as well as the clearly visible displays. The operator controls all mast and lifting movements precisely and sensitively from the fingertips, with the arm resting relaxed on the armrest. In addition, the mast and axles are decoupled from the cabin by rubber bearings. This means that virtually no vibrations or shocks are transmitted to the driver.

  • Spacious cab with ample leg room
  • Hydraulic seat suspension
  • Ergonomic operating concept with Linde Load Control
  • Vibration-decoupled driver's workspace


The hydrostatic direct drive ensures delicate, smooth, and precise movement, aided by robust diesel, propellant gas, and natural gas engines, that provide high levels of torque at minimal fuel consumption. Last but not least, all functions of the mast can be controlled right down to the last millimeter thanks to Linde Load Control This allows for significant productivity gains in the transporting and warehousing of loads.

  • Hydrostatic drive for precise movement
  • High torque engines
  • Precise mast movements with Linde Load Control
  • Dual pedal control


Linde IC trucks boast extremely long maintenance intervals, with the first check only carried out after 1000 operating hours have been clocked up. After 3,000 operating hours, service technicians check the tilt cylinder and suspension elements, and replace the ventilation, pressure, and suction filters. The hydraulic oil only needs to be changed after 6000 hours. – These long intervals are made possible thanks to a number of design details, including new high-performance filters, the maintenance-free drive axle, and the bearing of the tilt cylinder. Plus, the hydraulic direct drive is also maintenance-free.

  • Long maintenance intervals
  • Maintenance-free hydrostatic drive
  • Easily accessible maintenance components
  • CAN bus diagnosis system

Technical Data

Model Load capacity/Load Load centre distance Wheelbase Aisle width with pallet 800 x 1200 along forks Travel speed, with/without load
H14D 1.4 (t) 500 (mm) 1500 (mm) 3770 (mm) 20 / 20 km/h
H14T 1.4 (t) 500 (mm) 1500 (mm) 3770 (mm) 20 / 20 km/h
H16CNG-L 1.6 (t) 500 (mm) 1600 (mm) 3886 (mm) 20 / 20 km/h
H16D 1.6 (t) 500 (mm) 1500 (1600) (mm) 3770 (3886) (mm) 20 / 20 km/h
H16D-L 1.6 (t) 500 (mm) 1600 (mm) 3886 (mm) 20 / 20 km/h
H16T 1.6 (t) 500 (mm) 1500 (1600) (mm) 3770 (3886) (mm) 20 / 20 km/h
H16T-L 1.6 (t) 500 (mm) 1600 (mm) 3886 (mm) 20 / 20 km/h
H18CNG-L 1.8 (t) 500 (mm) 1600 (mm) 3891 (mm) 20 / 20 km/h
H18D 1.8 (t) 500 (mm) 1540 (1600) (mm) 3811 (3891) (mm) 20 / 20 km/h
H18D-L 1.8 (t) 500 (mm) 1600 (mm) 3891 (mm) 20 / 20 km/h
H18T 1.8 (t) 500 (mm) 1540 (1600) (mm) 3811 (3891) (mm) 20 / 20 km/h
H18T-L 1.8 (t) 500 (mm) 1600 (mm) 3891 (mm) 20 / 20 km/h
H20CNG 2.0 (t) 500 (mm) 1600 (mm) 3895 (mm) 20 / 20 km/h
H20D 2.0 (t) 500 (mm) 1600 (mm) 3895 (mm) 20 / 20 km/h
H20D-CT/600 2.0 (t) 610 (mm) 1600 (mm) 3895 (mm) 16 / 16 km/h
H20T 2.0 (t) 500 (mm) 1600 (mm) 3895 (mm) 20 / 20 km/h
H20T-CT/600 2.0 (t) 610 (mm) 1600 (mm) 3895 (mm) 16 / 16 km/h

Optional Equipment

Linde Bluespot


The Linde BlueSpot™ Enhances safety during operation as the LED spot makes the forklift truck noiselessly visible.

One-pedal control with manual gear change

Linde forklifts can also be equipped with single-pedal control. The driving direction switch is conveniently positioned in the armrest, just in front of the Linde Load Control joystick.

Advanced comfort seats

Lumbar supports, heated seats, active seat ventilation, air suspension, and various adjustment functions are all available.

Air Conditioning*

The powerful air conditioning system with integrated heating and pollen filter guarantees a comfortable working environment in the cab all year round, while also preventing windows from fogging up.

* contains fluorinated hydrocarbons

The display of the Linde Safety Pilot shows the load weight, the corresponding maximum lifting height, the tilt angle, and the load's center of gravity.

Linde Safety Pilot

The Linde Safety Pilot (LSP) provides the driver with a wide range of functions that make working with a Linde truck even safer and more efficient.

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