Warehouse with forklifts in use
Simple coordination of jobs and drivers

Linde Truck Call App

Effortlessly managing logistics tasks by smartphone

An unexpected delivery arrives at the warehouse. Things gethectic. The shift supervisor has to find a forklift truck driver and allocate the job. Valuable time passes before the driver reports the transport has been completed. There are more efficient ways of getting this done. The Linde Truck Call app simplifies the allocation of transport jobs in the fleet and considerably shortens the line of communication between shift supervisors and drivers.


For the Linde Truck Call app:

  • Smartphone or tablet computer
  • Android® 6.0 or higher
  • Internet access

For the Linde Truck Call website:

  • PC or tablet computer
  • Current web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, Apple Safari)
  • Internet access

Whether it’s an unplanned delivery or a normal job, the Linde Truck Call app means shift supervisors no longer have to give drivers instructions face-to-face. They simply enter the transport job into the system using their smartphone or tablet computer. The job can also be made more specific by adding photos, documents and comments. The app assigns the job to a selected group of trucks. If a driver accepts the job online, it is no longer shown for all other drivers. When the transport has been completed, the shift supervisor immediately receives confirmation from the driver.

Forklift in the process of unloading a truck

With the Linde Truck Call app, the shift supervisor organizes his logistics tasks quickly and easily via smartphone.

Your advantages at a glance


The app shortens the lines of communication between shift supervisors and drivers. This avoids empty runs and the fleet can be optimally utilized.


The app makes it easy to create and edit orders, even when you're not on site. The ability to prioritize tasks and attach photos and documents also ensures clear communication.


The app enables a precise allocation of orders to suitable trucks. At the same time, it provides a simple overview of all open, current and completed orders. It is suitable fpr many vehicle drives (forklift trucks, order pickers and small lorries).

Functions of the App

Smartphone display with the Linde Truck Call App

1. Setting up jobs

The shift supervisor enters their order in the app. To do this, they enter the position and storage location of the goods and determine the priority and time frame of the order.

Smartphone display with the Linde Truck Call app

2. Allocating jobs

The order is sent to all drivers. If one driver accepts the order, it is no longer visible to all other drivers.

Smartphone display with Linde Truck Call app

3. Opend jobs

The app provides the shift supervisor with a list of all open, accepted and completed finished jobs.

Smartphone display with the Linde Truck Call app

4. Completed jobs

Once a job has been completed, the driver confirms it in the app. The shift supervisor immidiatly receives confirmation.