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The new internal combustion forklift trucks with hydrostatic drive

Perfection Down to the Last Detail
The Linde H35 diesel forklift truck

The industry standards for counterbalanced forklift trucks redefined: The Linde Material Handling H20 – H35 and H35 – H50 diesel and gas forklift trucks

Whether commerce, trade, or industry: not much moves without forklift trucks. But e-commerce, digitally controlled processes, and globally linked supply chains are constantly placing higher demands on the technology. Discussions with users from all industries and of all sizes formed the basis for a fundamentally redeveloped truck concept.

Linde Material Handling H35 – H50 stacks goods in outdoor use
H20 diesel forklift truck in a quarry
Linde forklift truck transporting goods in a dark hall with light
Linde Material Handling H35 – H50 stacking pallets with beverages in indoor use
Linde forklift truck driving between rolls of paper
Linde forklift truck stacking fully loaded pallets
Linde Material Handling H35 – H50 transporting goods in the warehouse
Linde forklift truck stacking boxes
Linde Material Handling H35 – H50 stacks goods in outdoor use
H20 diesel forklift truck in a quarry
Linde forklift truck transporting goods in a dark hall with light
Linde Material Handling H35 – H50 stacking pallets with beverages in indoor use
Linde forklift truck driving between rolls of paper
Linde forklift truck stacking fully loaded pallets
Linde Material Handling H35 – H50 transporting goods in the warehouse
Linde forklift truck stacking boxes

The latest counterbalanced forklift trucks represent everything that Linde forklift trucks have always stood for—they are extremely powerful, safe, user-friendly, robust, and versatile. Each of these features has been consistently further developed and improved. The diesel and gas forklift trucks, which are available in the payload class of 2 to 5 metric tons, set the standard for performance, ergonomics, safety, and connectivity—and so will continue to provide the perfect answer to material flow challenges well into the future.

The new diesel and gas forklift trucks at a glance

Linde Material Handling H20 – H35 transporting a pallet in the warehouse

H20 – H35: Powerful and agile

The H20 – H35 diesel and gas forklift trucks are robust, powerful, and offer maximum flexibility. They transport loads of between 2000 and 3500 kilograms. Their compactness and maneuverability makes them ideally suited for use in confined spaces.

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Linde Material Handling H35 – H50 moving goods in outdoor use

H35 – H50: The great all-rounder

With a load weight of between 3500 and 5000 kilograms, the H35 – H50 diesel and gas forklift truck is the all-rounder of the IC trucks. Designed for maximum handling performance, they are perfectly suited to intense use in multi-shift operation, and excel in outdoor use even under the toughest conditions.

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Diesel and gas forklift trucks: man and machine working as one

Maximum productivity requires the perfect interaction between driver and forklift truck. This occurs where a powerful drive system, such as the hydrostatic drive, is complemented by intuitive control elements. As a result, the new internal combustion forklift trucks from Linde, together with the driver's workstation, were designed entirely around the driver and their needs. The proven operating concept comprised of the dual-pedal control and Linde Load Control for controlling all driving and mast movements makes the forklift trucks easy, precise, and intuitive to operate. The intelligent arrangement of all control elements ensures that the driver can reach and operate all control elements with minimum effort and maximum precision. This enables virtually fatigue-free working for the entire shift.

Linde H35 – H50 forklift truck in a warehouse

Hydrostatic drive

The maintenance-free hydraulic system of the new range transfers the power of the industrial engine to the drive wheels and lifting hydraulic system without any losses. The hydrostatic drive therefore enables gentle start-up, fast changes of direction, sensitive load handling, and precise maneuvering in the tightest of spaces.

Cockpit of the new forklift truck—off-center steering wheel

Decentralized steering wheel

The steering wheel is positioned off-center. This reduces the shoulder movements for the left arm and prevents joint wear. It is practical, easy to control, and can be individually adjusted.

Dual-pedal control in the new H20 – H35 diesel forklift truck

Dual-pedal control

The established dual-pedal control allows the forklift truck to be controlled with exceptional sensitivity and precision as both feet are in constant contact with the pedals. The right pedal moves the truck forwards, the left backwards. This gives the driver direct feedback on the movements of the forklift truck.

Driver’s cab of the new forklift truck

Linde Load Control

Linde Load Control gives the driver control of all of the forklift truck's key mast functions. The control elements are placed on an ergonomically shaped armrest, which minimizes arm movements and prevents fatigue. Optional additional buttons can be assigned further functions.

Overhead control element, including radio

Customizable overhead console

Important functions, such as headlights or heating, can be controlled via the overhead console. It contains eleven buttons, nine of which have been assigned lighting and hazard warning functions. The rest are freely programmable.

Linde forklift truck with easy entry

Effortless entry

The low step ensures that people of any height can comfortably enter and exit the truck. A non-slip tread plate and an ergonomic entry handle provide additional support.

Driver’s seat of the new forklift truck

Maximum seating comfort

The standard driver’s seat was further refined for the H20 – H35 and H35 – H50 IC trucks, and now provides greater headroom and more comfortable working. Twelve seating options offer additional comfort and protect against postural injuries.

Outside view of the driver's compartment of a Linde forklift truck

Optimized driver’s compartment

The driver’s compartment provides a particularly generous amount of headroom and legroom. The drive axle, steering axle, and mast are decoupled from the chassis to protect the driver from physical stress caused by vibrations.

Driver’s cab of the new forklift truck

Spacious cab

The spacious cab offers the driver optimum visibility. The large glass surfaces give the driver the feeling that they are seated outdoors. The heating and air-conditioning system (contains fluorinated hydrocarbons) inside the cab regulate the temperature to a pleasant working atmosphere in just a few minutes.

The innovative Linde Steer Control concept

Linde Steer Control is a revolutionary concept for forklift steering. A mini steering wheel or joystick replaces the traditional steering wheel and improves driver comfort and the intuitive operation of the truck. It optimizes the ergonomic features of the truck and reduces the physical strain on the driver. For maximum precision in all movements, Linde Steer Control automatically adjusts the sensitivity of its steering elements to the truck speed.

The innovative Linde Steer Control concept from Linde Material Handling with mini wheel.
Linde Steer Control with joystick from Linde Material Handling.
Ergonomic workstation with Linde Steer Control from Linde Material Handling.
The innovative Linde Steer Control concept from Linde Material Handling with mini wheel.
Linde Steer Control with joystick from Linde Material Handling.
Ergonomic workstation with Linde Steer Control from Linde Material Handling.

Built-in safety: diesel forklift trucks as part of our Vision Zero.

When it comes to safety, nothing can be left to chance. “Vision Zero”—no accidents in internal traffic—is the overriding goal. That's why Linde has improved everything on the new range of internal combustion forklift trucks that can permanently reduce the risk of accidents. A sophisticated design, perfect visibility, and numerous warning and assistance systems provide an optimal feeling of safety inside and outside the truck. Because the driver can only use their truck with maximum productivity if they feel safe.

View from the Linde Material Handling H20 – H35 forklift truck

Optimized visibility

The chassis, cab, and mast of the new ranges in the payload range of 2 to 5 metric tons have been optimized so that the driver has an unobstructed view of the load and environment in all directions. The slender mast, the narrow A-pillar, and the lowered front plate improve the visibility towards the front, while the narrow cross struts used for the roof structure and an optional reinforced glass roof ensure good overhead visibility. Optional cameras on all sides of the forklift truck expand the natural field of vision.

Please get in: this gives you a 360° view from the truck.

Designed for safety

The passive safety of the Linde diesel forklift trucks is in a class of its own: The side skirts of the frame structure are extremely robust and provide ram protection. The truck's low center of gravity and high steering axle reduce the risk of overturning. At the same time, the overhead tilt cylinders and the warp-resistant mast design ensure a high residual load capacity as well as safe and sensitive load handling, even at high lifting heights.

Stability and good visibility

A number of safety features help prevent operating errors. The automatic engagement of the parking brake ensures that the truck stops securely on ramps and gradients so that the driver can safely dismount. All forklift trucks without an optional cabin are also fitted with electronic seatbelt monitoring as standard. This ensures that the forklift truck can only operate at creep speed when the driver is not strapped in. For better visibility and added safety, the H20 – H35 and H35 – H50 can also be fitted with a number of warning and lighting solutions, such as the Linde LED Stripes, the Linde Truck Spot and the Linde VertiLight.

Hard-working assistants

The new ranges of diesel and gas forklift trucks are fitted with the Linde Curve Assist as standard. The system adjusts the driving speed to the steering angle to reduce the risk of overturning when cornering. Linde Load Assist is also included as standard. This determines the forklift truck’s residual load capacity to reduce the risk of tipping accidents. The Linde load weight indicator as well as the Linde Safety Pilot and Linde Safety Guard assistance systems can also be fitted for even greater safety.

Equipped for the future: Connectivity meets diesel forklift trucks

Person at a computer—fleet planning

Data is the currency of the future, especially in the material flow of modern companies. That’s why all of the performance data can be analyzed using software. The data transmission unit installed as standard means that the forklift truck can be easily integrated into fleet management systems such as Linde connect . This enables more efficient use of the truck, more precise maintenance planning, and more reliable cost calculation.

Monitoring operating data

The forklift truck regularly records data, such as the operating hours, and wirelessly transmits these to the fleet management software. Data analysis provides information on how the truck is used and the capacity at which it is operating.

Secure transmission

The vehicle data is transmitted by mobile network or Wi-Fi. Multiple encryption guarantees maximum data protection. To ensure that this is the case, Linde uses one of the most secure cloud infrastructures on the market.

Diagnostics and maintenance

Digital error codes and the recording of the error history enable remote diagnosis of the forklift truck. In future, it will be possible to install software updates and additional functions “over the air”. This improves the performance and functionality of the trucks and keeps them up-to-date at all times.

Maximum efficiency: less downtime, better performance

The H20 – H35 and H35 – H50 diesel and gas forklift trucks are the most efficient counterbalanced forklift trucks in their performance class. This is made possible by the tried-and-tested hydrostatic drive system, which transforms the driver and the truck into an intuitively operating unit. But it is also thanks to the tough construction and the service-friendly design, which minimize downtimes for repairs. This exceptional efficiency is also reflected in the fact that the models in the new ranges are superior to the competition from a total cost of ownership perspective.

Drive for optimal handling performance

Linde Material Handling has spent decades perfecting a drive system that enables precise and sensitive control of the drive performance of its counterbalanced forklift trucks. This superior technology is based on the hydrostatic drive.

The closed and maintenance-free hydraulic system transfers the power of the industrial engine to the drive wheels and lifting hydraulic system without any losses, meaning that the driver receives exactly the power that they require in every work situation. This guarantees maximum handling performance together with minimum fuel consumption. Linde Material Handling diesel forklift trucks have had the lowest emissions on the market for years. The new H20 – H35 and H35 – H50 forklift trucks meet the Euro 5 emission standard.

Maintenance can wait

Interruptions due to downtimes and maintenance work cost time and money and strain the nerves. The tough construction and service-friendly design of the new range of diesel and gas forklift trucks reduce downtimes to a minimum. The strong side skirts act as ram protection and prevent damage caused by accidents involving collisions. Even the new industrial engine is extremely robust. For example, instead of the drive belts usually used in automotive engines, it uses low-maintenance spur gears. What’s more, the Engine Protection System (EPS) monitors the engine and protects it from overloading.

For fast and straightforward maintenance, accessibility to important components has been improved by removable cladding and larger service openings. Our Truck Health Monitoring enables comprehensive fault monitoring and faster fault localization. It also transmits error codes so that an initial diagnosis can be made. This makes it possible for the service technician to immediately take the necessary spare parts with them for the repair work.

This forklift truck pays off

The focus on maximum efficiency when designing the new Linde forklift trucks is also clearly shown by the vehicles’ performance data. A certified performance test shows that the trucks take less time to transport the same load, while also consuming less fuel. The model calculations show that the trucks achieve the best total cost of operation in their direct competitive environment, even with operating times in excess of 20,000 operating hours. Besides the performance of the truck, maintenance and personnel costs are also taken into account.

Your Benefits at a Glance

Proven operating concept

The proven combination of Linde Load Control and dual-pedal control forms the basis for the fast, precise load handling of the forklift trucks.

Ergonomic driver’s workstation

The driver’s compartment of the forklift trucks minimizes the physical stress on the driver and enables fatigue-free work for the entire shift.

Optimized visibility

A clear view in all directions improves safety in load handling, which noticeably increases productivity.

Tough construction

The new range of diesel and gas forklift trucks requires fewer repairs and is extremely low-maintenance. This ensures high availability of the trucks and reduces the cost of every single hour of operation.

Designed for easy servicing

Easy access to important components allows service technicians to perform their work quickly, thus reducing inspection costs.

Perfectly configurable

The wide range of equipment provided as standard and as optional extras enables the counterbalanced forklift trucks to be customized to individual applications and requirements.

Networking as standard

Digital networking allows the condition and use of the diesel forklift truck to be analyzed effortlessly. The necessary maintenance work can therefore be optimally planned and costs can be efficiently calculated.


H25 at Rygol lime works

Kalkwerk Rygol GmbH in Painten, Lower Bavaria, pushes its forklift trucks to their limit. Long routes, uneven floors and 16-hour shifts under the toughest conditions are all in a day’s work. This is where the new Linde H25 diesel forklift truck really comes into its own. It features maneuverability, optimized visibility, and excellent ergonomics from the get-go.

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H30 at BOHAI TRIMET Automotive

The new Linde H30 is in constant use at BOHAI TRIMET Automotive Holding GmbH. As the only vehicle with a rotator, it works around the clock to supply the melting furnaces at the Sömmerda site, despite the heat and dusty air. In dark, tight aisles, the optimized all-round view and modern lighting solutions ensure increased safety.

Click here to watch the video

H35 at drinks wholesaler Heurich

On hot summer days, up to 165,000 drinks crates leave the logistics center of drinks wholesaler Heurich GmbH. In order to manage these huge quantities, the company uses highly efficient forklift trucks. This is where the new Linde H35 comes into play. Drivers and managers alike are impressed by the optimized all-round view in particular.

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H50 at paper producer Smurfit Kappa

There’s tough, then there’s the paper industry: At the paper producer Smurfit Kappa Wrexen Paper & Board, the counterbalanced trucks run with a full load almost non-stop—day and night, whether in oppressive heat or biting cold. An extreme deployment scenario, where the new Linde H50 diesel powerhouse was able to show what it can do even before its market launch.

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